The Shining / Bookmans Sells Dead People/ Halloween Window (October 2013)

Dog Days of Summer window (July 2013) 

Love of Music Window (June 2013) 

Geek Out Window (May 2013) 

Neverending Story / Love of Reading Window (February 2013) 

Giant Turkey Dinner / Thanksgiving window (November 2012) 

H.P. Lovecraft / Cthulhu window (October 2012) 

Twin Peaks/ David Lynch/ Black Lodge inspired window (August 2012) 

Dr. Who inspired Bookman's store window (July 2012)  

Gotye Love of Music Bookman's store window (June 2012) 

Fallout inspired Video Game Challenge Bookman's store window (May 2012)

Swamp Thing inspired Bookman's Halloween display (October 2011)

Anti-Censorship Month at Bookman's (September 2011)