Brian Keene's Castaways

Posted by Dianna Taylor on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Under: Books

There is a lot to be said about Brian Keene's book Castaways; it was a fast and action-packed read.  Keene knows how to bring various classical horror elements together to make a solid and entertaining story.  This book is a cross between the television show Survivors, some classical cannibalistic-tribal-island movie that I haven't seen before and a late night Coast to Coast AM crypto zoologist broadcast.  There is a brief reference to the Labyrinth Mythos (see previous Keene posts), which is cool, and a brief connection to his other stories Dark Hollow and Ghost WalkKeene seems to like to keep everything connected, which can be interesting at times, but in the case of Ghost Walk super cheesy and unnecessarily revealing.  I think he could have kept out the second chapter, which was basically about the creatures’ intentions.  I'm pretty sure the reader would have deduced at the end why the creatures were doing what they were doing and it would have left a little mystery.  All in all I would rather read Keene’s novels than watch the current horror movies that have been coming out.  His novels are very cinematic.

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