Brian Keene's Ghost Walk

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Ghost Walk by Brian Keene

So I was underwhelmed by this one.  Maybe I am getting burnt out on Brian Keene, or maybe it was just a filler story just like in TV shows, you know the ones you can live without.  So I have discussed the whole Labyrinth Mythos in my previous post and was ranting and raving on how cool it was because it was so mysterious...well in this book it is explained in further detail, maybe too much.  I also think if you are going to fight the most bad ass, feared and unnamable being in the universes (yes, plural) that maybe the story should be a little more epic and bad ass.  I didn’t like any of the characters save one and that was Levi.  I am going to have to purchase A Gathering of Crows, which is another story of Brian Keene's that includes this character Levi.  You don't know too much about Levi, except that he is an ex-Amish/black magician/pow-wow priest/psychic/God-loving kinda guy. Woops, I guess that is kind of a lot to know about someone.  The story wasn't terrible, but after reading Urban definitely seems like one of his weaker works.  

The terrible being that the characters in this story have to face can also be read about in Darkness at the Edge of Town, which I like a whole lot better despite other reviews.

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