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    Recently I travelled to Bisbee with my boyfriend Paul and stayed at the charming Shady Dell Trailer Park.  We stayed in The Manor, which was a 1950 rare Spartan trailer made by some aircraft company I think.  It was gorgeous, the whole inside was lined with blonde wood, vintage decor, complete with a 1950s furnished kitchenette that we could not use due to the new insurance policy.  Directly behind us was an old cemetery.  I anticipated the cemetery being there so I brought some appropriate reading along.  The book is called Ghoul and it is written by Brian Keene.  He is a fairly new writer who came about when the zombie wave became really big.  

<-----(Bisbee Cemetery)
    I had first heard about ghouls while reading Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series.  Ghouls in her story are mysterious and mindless creatures that are faster than zombies, harder to kill and are semi-demonic.  They are raised when a powerful necromancer (a magician/witch who deals with the dead) has died and is buried in a cemetery.  The ghoul in Brian Keene's novel is a race of demon that can think like a normal human being.  The ghoul even mentions the commandments given to him by God, and that it is doomed to only eat rotting flesh. It can only be destroyed by sunlight or bound to the cemetery by magic.  It also thinks it is one of the last of its kind and it can reproduce with human women.
    The story takes place in the 1980s and the author takes care in setting the reader up with the over all 80s mood.  He mentions a lot of music, comics and TV shows which gets a little annoying.  The main characters are 3 twelve year old boys who just started summer vacation.  Each of the kids have to deal with real life monsters (such as a sexually abusive mother, physically abusive father, bullies from school, a rabid Doberman) as well as the ghoul in the cemetery, which makes this book more "real" than you would expect from the genre.  The child characters are resilient (like most children are), smart, funny and brave.  This book is like a darker Goonies/Stand by Me/Pumpkinhead.
    Needless to say, choosing this book and sleeping in a trailer with a cemetery directly behind was not a good choice.  Ghoul was genuinely scary.  There was this plan made by Paul and I to drink absinthe and then walk around the cemetery at night.  We drank the absinthe, but I opted out of exploring the cemetery.    



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