B.F.A. 2008 Studio Arts: 2D University of Arizona, Cum Laude
A.A. 2006 Visual Arts Pima Community College 
A.A. 2006 Liberal Arts Pima Community College

Areas of Specialization

Painting: Oil, Acrylic, and Mixed Media.
Drawing: Ink, Pencil, Charcoal
Sculpture: Wood, Various Modeling Clays,  Found Objects, Paper, Recycled Materials



2017 Solo Exhibition, Desert Witch, Red Sky Studio/ Tucson, AZ / Curated by: Dianna Taylor and Haji

2017 Group Show, Tucson Sculpture Fest, Sculpture Resource Center/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Dianna Taylor and Bill Fritton

2017 Group Show, Tucson Erotica 2017, Sculpture Resource Center/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Dianna Taylor

2016 Group Show, The Upside Down Show, Studio One/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Mike Oliveras

2016 Group Show, Cult of Nostalgia, Thunder Canyon Brewery/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Dianna Taylor

2016 Group Show, 2016 Tucson Erotica, Sculpture Resource Center/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Dianna Taylor and Jesse Berlin

2015 Group Show, May the Fourth Be With You, Xpanded Universe/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Mike Oliveras 

2015 Group Show, 2015 Tucson Erotica, W. Arthur Gallery/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Jesse Berlin and Paul Whitby

2015 Group Show- Tucson Sculpture Fest, W. Arthur Gallery/ Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Paul Whitby

2014 Group Show- Sculpture Resource Center Artists- Studio One/Tucson, AZ Curated by: Gonzalo Espinoza

2012 Group Show - Sparkroot/ Tucson, AZ

2010 Group Show Erotica II- La Malinche Gallery/Tucson, AZ/ Curated by: Martin Quintanilla

2009 Group Show, August Show, September Show, Dia de los Muertos- La Malinche Gallery/Tucson, AZ/ Curated by Martin Quintanilla

2008 Alternative Printmaking Group Show- Lionel Rombach Gallery/Tucson, AZ

2008 A Field Guide to Love and Marriage Solo Exhibition-Lionel Rombach Gallery/Tucson, AZ

2008 BFA Exhibition-Union Gallery at the University of Arizona/Tucson, AZ

2007 2D Exhibition-Lionel Rombach Gallery/Tucson, AZ

2006 Second Hand Carnival- Freemont House, University of Arizona/Tucson, AZ

2006 University Center for Fine Arts Hall Showcase- Fine Arts Building 3rd Floor, University of Arizona/ Tucson, AZ

1999 University of Arizona Extended University Program Exhibition-Temple of Music and Arts Gallery, Temple of Music and Arts/ Tucson, AZ


Professional Work Experience

2013- Current, Sculpture Resource Center, Artist, Events Coordinator, Gallery Manager, Webmaster, Contact: William Fritton (phone number per request)

2013- Current, Nosotros Academy, K-12 Art Instructor, Contact: Andrew Shuta/ andrewshuta@gmail.com

2008-2013, Bookmans Entertainment Exchange, Visual Merchandiser, Book Department Supervisor, Contact: Kaia Pfaffl 748-9555, Marshall Hart (520) 325-5767

2008, University of Arizona, College of Fine Arts Open House, Painting Workshop Volunteer, Contact: Dimitri Kozyrev dkozyrev@email.arizona.edu

2007, Tucson Public Library Downtown, Hispanic Arts Festival, Tucson, AZ

2006, Arizona State Museum, Museum Store, Information, The University of Arizona 2006, Contact (Manager): Martin Kim (520) 626-5886

2006, Event Photographer/Lucinda Aragon for Quincinera, Contact: Lucinda Aragon (520) 743-0647

2006- League of Mexican American Women, Photographer for Spring 2006 Fashion Show
Contact (President): Alice Eckstrom (520) 622-1630



2008 Outstanding Senior of the Year for the University of Arizona School of Art,  also known as Bernard R. Kornhaber Outstanding Senior award

2007-2008 Awarded undergraduate honors studio, contact: Lawrence Gipe lgipe@email.arizona.edu